The area that would come to be known as Georgetown, settled in the early 1700′s, even before the District of Columbia was formed, was a bustling city with a harbor full of ships and tobacco warehouses. In 1791, George Washington included the port in the Territory of Columbia, site of the new capital. Today, it retains the ambiance of its early history with narrow tree-lined streets, charming rowhouses, and proximity to the river and picturesque C & O canal. Fashionable shops, boutiques, clubs and restaurants line the streets closest to M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Bordered by Georgetown University to the west, Rock Creek Park to the east, the Potomac River to the south and Burlieth to the north, this unique and beautiful neighborhood is as popular as it is famous. Price range: $800,000 $9,000,000 (Apartments: $350,000 $2,000,000).


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