This well-known suburb of Washington, DC, with its village at the crossroads of River Road and Falls Road, used to be horse farms and open country up until the 1960′s, when builders began to subdivide and build homes on two acre lots, and in some cases, smaller parcels. Today, this wealthy suburb offers opulent estates; large, stately homes on two acres; and a pleasant mix of smaller housing in neatly landscaped developments. While the village has supermarkets, restaurants and shops, there are large shopping centers nearby, as well as many public and private schools, golf courses, and parks. Potomac offers some of the most expensive homes in the county, and it also has a sense of country living and open space that are not available in the other close-in neighborhoods. The area runs from the Potomac River to the west, to Rockville on the east and to Darnestown and Poolesville to the northwest. Price Range: $750,000 $10,000,000.


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